Unit 5 – Black Girl Linguistic Play

The work allows the audience personal or not, relating to the joys of being a child and discovering the world through a child’s lens. I enjoyed the performance, seeing as it seems like a game of figuring out the symbolism, but what intrigued me the most was the music. Solo bass and piano is a fascinating combination, yet it has a grounded feeling. The bass set the foundation, and the piano expressed the emotion. I also enjoyed the reflections and mirrors which I kept seeing throughout our trip to Greensboro. For example, when we walked through the hall of shame, there was a large pillar covered in mirrors, in which I saw my friends just looking at themselves while these horrific images surrounding us. Also, then connecting to “Black Girl: Linguistic Play” there were large mirror panels above the dancers, that would reflect and show a completely different perspective of the dance, My question for the performance is could other bodies perform this?

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