Throughout my semester taking HUMES, we have discussed abstract topics such as equality, conceptual schemes, the body, political violence and non-violence. While all of these themes are drastically different, they all have a root of the human experience. What surprises me the most is how wide and broad humanities can cover.

Upper case Humanities is the course. Humanities is difficult to describe, but it was easier to understand that the revolutions we studied make up the coarse.

Lower case humanities is the study of human reaction and comprehension. From the teachings of this coarse my understandings of humanities have teetered back and forth. The humanities that we try to define, is nearly impossible due to how quickly it evolves. Lower case humanities, with examples as seen in unit 1, can be defined with a parallel to the word “human” and what it means to be human. I find that humanities studies the human reaction and how humans comprehend obstacles and societal change.