Unit 8 – Richter’s art

Weirch’s Interview of Richter reminded me very clearly of the film’s portrayal of the interview near the end. I find that there is a very mysterious and almost abstract understanding of Richter’s words. “Reality is even more dreadful.” This quote resonates a conversation with Professor Seeband’s relationship to photos. Especially seeing his photos of his family when it seemed that life was simple. 

To answer the question of the prompt, from my understanding from the texts and reading, the question of “what happened” does not rely on the personal connection the artist has with the piece but rather what the view takes of it. What is consistent is that there is a backstory, but it is rather what part of the story is important. And especially import for whom. 

Looking through the exhibit knowing the backstory changes the meaning of the paintings. Similarly to how we as the viewers of the film have a different understanding of the paints comparatively to the interviews in the film. It seems as if “we know more.”

“Art does not give answers, it poses the question” – Doris Salcedo

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