Unit 2 – Translation

I found it interesting that during the panel, we discuss the different means we can derive from language. In a way, the order of panelist expressed the order of translation. What I mean by this is that with Professor Jankovic, she talked about how we translate language and also with how much it can have drastic definitions. Dr. Denham spoke about how, in German, many words could have different meanings and how people have precise translations for words. Dr. Ewington talked about fidelity versus translation. I feel as the order the professors went in made it very easy to understand translation.

For me, my favorite part was when Dr. Ewington talked about whether people decide on translating for poetry or definition. I found it intriguing that something could be translated more “true” if it was not correctly translated. I feel that this topic is so different for every passage. Something that popped up in my head during the panel was the interest of religious texts. In many ways religious texts are poetry, yet in many societies today we use them as a form of information. My question is, when can we decide what is morally correct?

In addition to my response of this idea of translation, I realized that translation in art and media is extremely prevalent in today’s world. Especially connecting to Tamara’s section. We visited the VAC and looked at “Violence, Identity, and Art”. This experience allowed me to discuss with other students what they felt about the piece. Before anyone saw the art, the gallery director, Lia Newman recommended us to not read the description before looking at the art. From that experience I realized that everyone sees art in a translation of their own “eyes”.

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