Why seeking balance?


The theme “Seeking Balance” comes my understanding of revolution. Along side the units in my Humanities course, I found patterns of shifts. I thought maybe these are all paradigm shifts, but for me I thought of it as even prior to the paradigm shift, it was the attempt to create a stability. From one balance to another. 

On the home page the first photo is a photo of me blindfolded holding our red book and our other books at a balance. This was symbolic of Lady Justice in the push towards my question of is seeking balance similar to equality in Justice? This then lead me to answer this question that revolution seeks balance but not always justice in the sense of equality. Even though many revolutionary thoughts do seek for equal justice such as Bryan Stevenson. 

The second image below represents how as a class we have read from all of these different authors and learned abstract ideas, and we somehow find a way to put it all in a small red book. The red book that was given to us at the beginning of the year started with no value, but everyday it gains weight as seeks to be balanced.