Non-texual – Metamorphosis


For my non-textual I wanted to try something new and something that can translate the images in my head onto paper. I was mainly inspired by Tamara’s and Wills’s sections because they focused on art, the body and nonviolent protest. With these themes I also wanted to apply my theme of “Seeking Balance.”


The background represents the lights of a police car. The lighter beam directly behind the person is the headline. The police represents authority and power.

The Person’s Gesture

This person is making a finger gun that is pointed to his head. This gesture is a connection to nonviolence protests. It is similar to how even though the person is not hurting the authorities, he is still in control. On a deeper level similarly to March: Book Two, properties and physically necessities have no worth, yet they can never take a soul.

What is on his face?

On his face he has a mirror over his eyes and tape over his mouth. The mirror over his eyes represents reflection and a way for the audience to see themselves and connect. I chose a mirror for my painting due to the conflict I experienced when looking at photos in class. I found that photos we analyzed in class innately created a distance from the audience. I chose a mirror to allow for the audience to see through the eyes of the art.

The tape over his mouth says freedom. This imagery represents the inability to have freedom of speech and not having human rights. I decided to cover his eyes and mouth because it blocks off his two main senses that give humans the ability to communicate with others.

White Shirt?

Something that is so simple such as a white shirt shows purity and innocence. It is also a connection to the non-violent protest of Gandhi, The Salt March.


I chose butterflies to come out of his head because it represents change. It starts with the finger gun and ends with the butterflies. Butterflies are known for their metamorphosis in which they completely change themselves. The imagery of the butterflies’ flight is up and out which portray hope of change.